What is Ricona?

Ricona is an upcoming CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, which can be used for decentralized, secure and discreet peer to peer transactions on the blockchain technology. However, when it comes to Hosted Staking Platform usage, it differs from any other CryptoCurrency by allowing its users to trade in multiple Cryptocurrencies. There are multiple ways in which you can invest in Ricona. We offer an assured return plan called ‘Staking’, and a flexible interest plan called ‘Hosted Staking’(While keeping an option open to use "Hosted Staking" as well via community poll during last round of ICO). Using one of these plans, your initial investment can be recouped quite soon (in as less as two months). Also, you can use your RCA coins to buy other cryptocurrencies or simply exchange them for other cryptos when our internal exchange opens.

Ricona Coins use the best-in-class security protocols to keep your coins safe from potential hackers and the transaction speed is much faster than most other P2P or banking networks.

Why is Ricona (RCA) different from others?

We have set a new benchmark with our unique ‘Multi Cryptocurrency Switching’ feature which is unheard of in the Cryptocurrency space. No other Hosted Staking platform offers this. It allows you to switch your primary Hosted Staking Cryptocurrency to capitalize on a price swing. In simpler terms, if you are currently holding Bitcoin with us, but in one week, Ethereum is trending and you discover that Hosted Staking Ethereum offers you better returns than Bitcoin, we allow you to switch your holdings to Ethereum or vise-a-versa. And all it takes is a couple of clicks. (Read Whitepaper Or Latest News at "top right corner" of this page, to get more details). Also, we allow you to get your returns in a Cryptocurrency of your choice or in plain old Benjamin (USD)

Value of Ricona (RCA)

There are several reasons why Ricona promises to be one of the biggest upcoming investment opportunities in the Crypto space. For starters, it is in limited supply. There are and will be just 28 million Ricona Coins, ever! Of these 9.1 million are available for purchase in the upcoming ICO (with 1:1 Bonus). In simple terms, any investor who buys 100 coins will receive 200 coins in total. Of which, the bonus 100 coins will automatically be locked by the system and entered into our Hosted Staking plan, kick starting the daily income for the user after Hosted Staking starts on our platform. The other 100 RCA can be used for trading, selling or multi-currency exchange once our internal exchange opens. So technically speaking, we are just putting 4.55 Million RCAs for Sale, from the entire pool of 9.1 Million total ICO supply.

Also, no other Hosted Staking platform offers a ‘Hosted Staking Maturity Period’ as low as 45 days in the entire crypto space (even as low as 30 days with a small Early withdrawal fee). This allows you to withdraw all your investments (which may be almost double) in just 45 days (or even 30 as mentioned above). Most other Hosted Staking platforms have a 90-day lock-in period, which we believe is too high and risky, in the extremely volatile Crypto Space.

How can one use Ricona Coins or RCA?

We understand that not everybody in the Crypto Space is an investor. To this end, our aim has always been to create a cryptocurrency that can be used by an individual, a business and an investor alike.
For Individuals
Individuals can use Ricona Coins to transfer funds or buy goods and services online in a fast, discreet and easy way. That’s irrespective of their location or time and by bypassing the often ‘arcane’ and time consuming banking procedures.

Our platform gives you access to a tamperproof wallet with the best-in-class security that uses private keys to ensure that only you can gain access or use it for transactions or fund transfers to another wallet (Peer to Peer).

For Businesses
With the acceptance of cryptocurrencies on the rise globally, this is a great time for any business, local trader, online merchant or e-commerce giant to invest in a path breaking new coin like Ricona. It allows them the convenience, comfort and discretion that is much desired while making payments to clients or suppliers.

For Investors
As we mentioned earlier, Ricona is in limited numbers (28 million coins only). This ensures a spike in demand with time leading to an exponential growth in price and value. As an investor, not only does this indicate excellent returns, it also allows diversification of the cryptocurrency portfolio. With blockchain technology advancing every day, it is only a matter of time before the traditional payment system becomes obsolete and is replaced by Crypto Currencies, which are more discreet, fast and foolproof.

How can you profit by investing early into Ricona?

Ever since we announced the upcoming ICO, Ricona has managed to create a buzz in the cryptocurrency industry. Everyone is excited about the revolutionary new Hosted Staking platform. But as expected, there are a lot of doubts too. Here’s putting some of those to rest.

After our ICO ends, investors who have bought RCA can use it in one of the following ways:

  • They can trade RCA on our secure and robust Internal Exchange which opens on the 20th March this year (may be a bit sooner). They can start trading RCA on Livecoin Or Coinexchange starting May 2018 and on Other Top Exchanges starting July 2018. As per our roadmap, we plan to add more exchanges for RCA trading in near future.

  • They can stake the currency on the Hosted Staking platform starting March 25th 2018. We offer up to 30% returns on the investment and have two Staking plans, each with its own perks.

    A. Hosted Staking Plan: Our Hosted Staking plan allows you to earn daily interest using the RCA trading bot and volatility software. We have a surprisingly low maturity term of 30 days after which, you can withdraw your RCA or reinvest (optional) to get an additional bonus above your profits which you generated with the previous investment term. (Read Whitepaper for more details)

    B. Normal Staking plan: The Normal Staking plan offers returns up to 10% (even more) for longer periods.

  • You can stake the RCA (Store it in your secure digital wallet Or on the Ricona Web Wallet) and receive interest on it. This helps us maintain the stability and the security of the system and we reward you for it with lucrative interest rates.

Investment Opportunities

Initial Coin Offering

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ICO Pricing

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Many investment opportunities

Affiliate/Referral Program

Ricona aims to be one of the strongest community based cryptocurrencies with an active member and investor base. To this end, we encourage and reward our members who spread the word about our unique offering and excellent trading/Hosted Staking platform. We have a referral program that allows you to earn RCA for every new member who signs up and buys/lends RCA on our platform using your referral link.

The referral/affiliate program is three levels deep.

Whenever someone registers using your Referral link, you get 6% bonus coins (3% for the 2nd level and 1% for the third level as referral bonus)

Please contact us at [email protected] for more details.


If you are new to Cryptocurrencies, then Blockchain is a term that you may hear frequently. A blockchain is a perpetually increasing list of records, which are also called blocks. These blocks are linked (hence the term chain) and encrypted using cryptography making them secure and virtually, untraceable. According to ‘Harvard Business Review’, blockchain is an "open, distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way." For cryptocurrencies, it allows two parties to keep track of a digital currency transaction without the need for a central accounting or bookkeeping system. Each computer (also called a node) that is connected to the network will receive a copy of the blockchain automatically as a signature of the transaction.

Blockchain was created/developed as the accounting method for Bitcoin in 2008. It uses the distributed ledger technology or DLT which is now widely used in a variety of commercial applications. While its usage remains limited to verifying digital currency transactions, its potential usage includes the digitization, coding and insertion of documents into blockchain. This creates a permanent, inerasable record in the blockchain, the authenticity of which can be verified by all the nodes connected to the blockchain instead of one single regulatory authority, like in the banking system.


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